Portraits - Retratos

I love painting people, so this is where I try to capture the essence of the person.
Me encanta pintar a gente, así que aquí es dónde intento captar la esencia del retratado.

Hook Sean Connery Selbstportrait Holidays: Ana & I Manfred Ana Greta Garbo Käthe Kolwitz Die Eltern im Standesamt Johnny Lee Hooker Mama in Wiesbaden Papa mit neuem Auto am Rhein Carmela Ruthie Audrey Kid in Blue & Violet Kid in Yellow & Red Angel Girl Cristina - study V & fam. - first draft V & fam. - starting w/ the background Vicente y familia Ana Valentine Valentine (Details 2) Valentine (Details 1) Valentine - final version The Reader I The Reader II The Reader III The Reader IV On the Bike On the Bike - Details On the Bike - Details On the Bike - Details The Reader V The Reader V - Detail The Reader VI The Reader VI - Detail Cuban Delight 1 Cuban Delight 2 Cuban Delight 3 Cuban Delight - The Sequence smr Whitney and Trenton 01 01 smr Whitney and Trenton 03 Detail Whitney 02 smr Whitney and Trenton 04 Detail Trenton 02 smr Whitney and Trenton 08 show off smr Whitney and Trenton 09 show off smr The Reader VII 00 smr The Reader VII 04 smr The Reader VII 03 smr The Reader VII 02 smr Portrait Papa 01 smr Portrait Papa - detalle / detail 01 smr Portrait Papa - detalle / detail 02 smr Portraits Papa - Ana's portrait photo smr The Cuban Citizen 00 smr The Cuban Citizen 05 smr The Cuban Citizen 07 smr The Cuban Citizen 16 smr The Cuban Citizen 21 smr The Cuban Citizen 19 smr The Cuban Citizen 26 smr The Cuban Citizen 24 smr The Cuban Citizen 25 smr The Reader VIII 04 End Result smaller smr The Reader VIII 07 smr The Reader VIII 09 smr The Reader VIII 08 The Amazon smr The Cuban Citizen 45